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Mike BushellMartial ArtsAcademy
 “The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants.”  – Gichin Funakoshi
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Welcome to the home of Mike Bushell Martial Arts Academy
We specialize in Wado Ryu Karate which is a traditional style of Karate. At M.B.M.A.A, we pride ourselves with our friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Learning Karate with M.B.M.A.A is fun and exciting and helps build your confidence and fitness, as well as teaches you to look after yourself if ever in a crisis situation.
We are proud to be associated with Inner Strength Martial Arts Academy and we follow their grading syllabus closely. As a student of M.B.M.A.A you will be given a login id to the I.S.M.A.A site so you can follow the grading syllabus.
Self Defence
Hello my name is Carlo Peroni I am currently a student, assist coach and welfare officer with Sensei Mike. I have over 15 years martial arts experience in different arts. I started my martial arts journey at the age of 9 were I did judo reaching brown belt status over 3 years. I then self taught myself martial arts from watching hours of mainly Bruce Lee videos in slow motion for hours a day. I'd shadow spar martial arts for an hour a day 4 to 5 days a week to gain speed and flexibility. I was hooked on martial arts,  buying endless copies of combat magazine dreaming of owning my own karate or kung fu suit. At 13yrs old I took the plunge and I thought I'd better get some lessons and joined karate ju jitsu at my local youth club. Although I didn't have clue regarding kata or form when it came to sparring and fighting it was fair to say it felt natural natural as the assistant coach (brown belt 3rd kyu) found out when after four lessons I beat him point sparring for 10 points. After my 9 months in karate I left and took up kickboxing with Andy Lee as well as boxing. I did this 4 times a week for about 1 1/2 years. I then trained myself toughening my own self discipline, mental and inner strength. I then boxed again for about 1 year at 18yrs, at 19yrs I took up ju jitsu for about 1 year, mainly due to my love of judo but also my love of striking skills learnt in other arts. In my early 20s I took up kickboxing and lau gar kung fu with Andy Lee again, who was now European heavyweight kick boxing champion as well as in the Great Britain squad kung fu. I became one of Andy Lee's sparring partners and this is where I really learnt how to fight. For me he was one of the greatest fighters I have ever fought, skillful, fast, and had great technique. He would always push me beyond my learning abilities and once I reached that goal he'd just step it up another level. I have to be honest to say at first I would leave the dojo winded, bruised eyed, and bleeding. I very quickly learnt skills to block, avoid, counter attack, and pressure fighting. I reached purple sash (purple belt) were I fought Andy fully contact with no pads to gain my shash. Mainly due to work I stopped training martial arts. A year or so later I took Thai boxing with Collin Sherriddin for a year. I then left that and trained and fined tuned my skills at home. In my mid 20s I took up vale tu do a Brazillian martial art which has aspects of Thai boxing and Brazilian ju jitsu. Something that influences my pair work to date. I did this art for about 1 year then tried aikido. I then took up combat sports with Phil Norman for about a year before stopping training altogether in my late 20s. I guess it would be fair to say I'd lost my way in martial arts. I have always been someone who when I wasn't training martial arts I would be training to keep fit. I learnt after over 3 decades of searching for a martial art it was there at the beginning, karate, to which I started with and now train today and will continue to train until I can no more. I remembered why I started kicking, punching jumping around in the living room screaming Bruce Lee noises, driving my mum and dad mad. It was simply because I loved the way training in martial arts made me feel. I believe in my martial art journey i have learnt that no martial art is better than another, its the person doing it that makes the art great. Its the hours spent practising kata, line work or sparring. When everyone else is stood around chatting those who are still training or focused will increase their chances of being great in their chosen art. Ouss
My name is sensei Mike And I am the chief instructor of the Mike Bushell Martial Arts Academy.  I am in a very fortunate position. I don't have the daily 9-5 grind.  The reason for this is that over 20 years of training and 12 years of teaching I have been able to set up my own academy. My martial arts journey started in August 1993 at the age of 7 when I attended my first karate session under the instruction of Sensei Shaun Lanham. I carried on with Sensei Shaun (and still do to this day ) through the grades till I received my first black belt from the Supreme Karate Association. During this time I was fortunate enough to receive 2 overall student of the year  awards and certification for my assistant teaching. At the age of 16 I started my first club under the careful guidance of Sensei Shaun.  Sensei would guide me through my teaching apprenticeship, with reports on the good (and bad) aspects of my teaching.  Without which I wouldn't of been the Sensei I  am today. When I was 19 I went on a summer camp in Essex to train with some of the finest martial arts instructors around and was awarded my 2nd dan. In 2009 I took my first break from karate to travel around Asia and Australasia.   In which time I Managed to train with the Sor Vorapin team specialising in Muay Thai.  I trained for 4 hours per day with some of the best trainers and fighters that Thailand has to offer.  Save to say I have a lot of respect for the Thai people! I also visited Japan on my travels, which due to my martial art background, is very close to my heart.   I hope to go back soon with some students to train and compete. In 2012 I was awarded my 3rd Dan from sensei Shaun Lanham after a gruelling 3.5 hour grading.  There wasn't a chance Sensei Shaun was going to just hand it to me just for being a Sensei under him. I am proud of the fact I was pushed to the absolute limit and didn't give up, the true spirit of a karate-ka. To the present day I am continuing to built my academy and have several students taking their black belts this year. Onwards and upwards. Ouss
I have been training in martial arts for 25 years now and I have enjoyed every aspect of it. I feel that being involved with Martial Arts is like being on a journey, you never stop learning and your physical; and mental health continues to grow, if you give martial Arts the respect it deserves you should never get bored. I first started in judo at the age of 10 years at the Kuruma judo club in parkstone taught by my uncle Gerry Bacon . I have just moved on from there and never looked back. The first karate club I started in was Shokokia this was ran by sensei Pete Hodge, when this shut down I moved over to Tim Steven’s who taught wado-ryu. I trained under Tim Steven’s for 11 years He has a wealth of experience as he is 5 times world champion. While with Tim I train with the likes of Sensei Ticky Donavan, Sensei Wayne Otto and many more top martial arts instructors. In 1992 I started Bearwood Karate club, this was my first club and ran it there for 24 yrs. Now I run 5 clubs, I never excepted to be where I am today, I only ever wanted to run 1 club, but after having my first son Jack my goals change as I wanted a better future for my children. This is when I left Tim, we joined a few different academies including F.E.K.O, W.K.F unfortunately there was always politics involved, so I decided with Sensei Andy Whitehead And Sensei Mike Bushell to Start I.S.M.A.A. we are now growing with clubs from all over the country. Where very excited to see where we are in the next 10 yrs, I.S.M.A.A is a multi style academy not just karate. Concentration dedication and fitness are very important to any Martial Arts without these I believe you will not succeed; I also believe that these things grow with you as you learn, although you need to have a willing to want to learn in the first place. I do not have a favorite technique in kumite, as I like to practice all aspects of kumite, as different techniques work on different people, this is where being agile is important, I believe that keeping up a level fitness is vital for karate. Over the years I have had my fair share of injuries, some have been minor and others have been more serious, but I believe that it’s important not to give up, as things like this build up an inner strength, and I feel that is just as important as the fitness. I feel that this is also teaching you your own lesson to concentrate when sparring. I have always taken criticism well and I try and build on what people say, lower grades as well as high grades I believe everyone has some good advice. I really enjoy Kata, kata is a big part of karate for me, my favorite are pinan godan, nianchi,Bassia and Seipai, if all Kata’s are done properly they are very hard work I do like to see sharp movements with dedication. I enjoy teaching Karate and handing my knowledge to my students and to start them on their journey of Martial Arts. I have 25yrs behind me so I feel I have a good base, and although I am a 5th Dan I still feel that I’ve got lots more to learn.  I would still like to widen my knowledge in other Martial Arts so I can offer my students an even more of a variety. In 2015 I am going to visit all the clubs from around the country and learn from all the instructors that have joined I.S.M.A.A. I hold a lot of admiration and respect for Sensei Gerald Bacon, Sensei Pete Hodge and all the instructors that have been involved with my succsess as an instructor / /student because they have given me the encouragement and the support that i've needed through my journey in Karate. I hope I will be an inspiration to Many students for years to come. OUSS
Hi, my name is Abi and I am 11 years old. I train at Mike’s Wednesday and Friday clubs in Christchurch. I have been learning karate for 4 years. To be honest, when I first started I wasn’t sure about it, but because my friend was going I thought I would join her. After a few weeks, it turned out that I really loved karate and I’ve been hooked ever since! During that time I have made many new friends who I probably would never have met otherwise. So as well as the serious side, karate’s been a great place to meet new people and make new friends. My first competition was one of the scariest things I have ever done. First I competed in singles kata but didn’t reach the top 3. Then I competed in the joint kata with one of my best friends and we won bronze! We were so happy but we knew that if we wanted another medal we would have to work even harder. I continued to practise and was thrilled to reach third in singles kata in a regional competition in Weston Super-Mare. I couldn’t believe I’d won something, it was so scary – I was a nervous wreck that day!  Recently I’ve been assisting Sensei Mike teach his little ninjas and the juniors clubs on a Friday night in Christchurch. I absolutely love it because the kids are really fun to work with and when I’m helping them correct their mistakes I notice where I can improve too. I love karate - it keeps me fit, it’s boosted my confidence and it’s really great fun!!!!! Abi  :D  
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We operate under the guidance and banner of Inner Strength Martial Arts Academy - details of whose clubs can be found at ISMAA CLUBS  www.ismaauk.co.uk/classes.html
Tel:- 07795155725 Email:- mdbushell@aol.com Mike Bushell Martail Arts Academy Karate Clubs covering Bournemouth Christchurch Somerford Wimborne Verwood and the Dorset area